Heyyyy. I'm Mariah.

I thought I was going to grow up to be so many different things. It went from a clothing designer with a fashion line called Candy - a zoo keeper- a cake decorator-  a make up artist - a murder detective (thanks forensic files & first 48), then I was extremely interested in domestic violence. I graduated from Portland State University majoring in criminology & criminal justice in 2016. I worked in the domestic violence field before switching to the drug addiction/homeless field which I still work full time currently while doing photography. 

Basically, I am an outgoing introvert that loves Beyoncé and Disney songs (sorry not sorry). Purple is my favorite color. Reese’s are my favorite candy. I have a small collection hoard of Bath & Body Works candles that I’m proud of. I have a problem of always having at least 5 things in my amazon cart. I love football! The Green Bay packers have been my team since I was a kid. I avoid all things citrus except orange juice. I have one cat named Jax who I love dearly. I am part nerd and proud. I love to cosplay! I've been to over 10 comic cons including San Diego Comic Con. I've been to 6 and counting! 

If I’m not working anything photo related - depending on the season - I love spending days at the river, hiking, going for a run, doing puzzles, watching impractical joker reruns and wrestling, or I’m just at home working and waiting for you to contact me so we can hang out and create some epic moments together!!